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Aero Search Partners

Why Us?

We founded Aero Search Partners based on the principle of understanding and delivering on our client's needs. We looked at the retained search industry and discovered a basic flaw. The search industry appeared to be made up of partner-centric firms and business models.

We decided to build the best executive search firm totally based on the needs of our clients -- not our own. We discovered our needs take care of themselves when we focus on delivering everything our clients want and need including:

  • The partner you hire conducts the search. We never pass the work on to juniors
  • Through our intensive research process, we know more about the candidate universe when we start a search than when our competitors present their final candidates
  • As a best practice boutique that specializes in your industry, you will receive the benefits from the best search execution capabilities, without any of the deficiencies of a large global search firm
  • Because we are well recognized within your market, we can access the best candidates -- unlike our larger competitors that are blocked from up to 80% of the candidate universe.
  • Our partners are true experts in leadership and help ensure you only build organizations comprised exceptional leaders that always find a way to win.
  • Our initial pursuit is proving value to the potential client, not promising that we will provide value only if you give us a search.
  • Our primary principle and commitment to our clients is to help them solve the most complex leadership and talent challenges
  • Aero Search Partners strategic talent partnerships deliver the full value of our Talent Asset Management solutions allowing clients to manage talent as a primary asset for high performance business outcomes
  • We believe in value-based partnerships as opposed to one-way relationships designed to lockdown a percentage of all your annual search work.