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Aero Search Partners

About Us

Trusted search partners to CEOs,Boards, PE firms and top leaders in Commercial Space, Aviation and Aerospace. Aero Search Partners are leaders in delivering advanced leadership solutions that optimize extraordinary leadership talent for maximum business performance.

Dave Drugman

Dave has delivered the exceptional leadership talent that has helped execute major turnarounds and build market leading businesses for his clients in Aviation, Aerospace and Defense, and Commercial Space.

Having held key HR leadership positions in the markets he serves gives Dave a unique perspective in delivering the most advanced leadership solutions for high performance business outcomes.

As a true industry executive insider, having worked for major manufacturers of aircraft engines, aircraft OEMS and top aerospace/defense and satellite technology companies like TRW and Northrop Grumman, Dave enjoys an unparalleled depth of industry knowledge, credibility and a great leadership network in the industries. Dave has supported numerous aviation and aerospace companies from start-up to global dominance.

As a Vietnam-era veteran; a licensed commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings, who has held high-level government security clearances for more than 35 years,it is easy to recognize Dave as one of the most talented leadership experts in the industry.

Dusty McClung

Dusty has 20+ years of experience committed to building extraordinarily talented teams in the Aviation, Aerospace and Commercial Space sectors.

As a leading expert in building high-performance leadership teams, Dusty has perfected his knowledge of the most advanced leadership solutions of Talent Asset Management.

Dusty's vast network and experience with top leadership in Aviation, Aerospace, and Commercial Space allows him to quickly access the extraordinary leadership that always builds winning teams and market leading companies.

Dusty's knowledge of managing talent as a primary asset for ROI makes him asought-after strategic consultants to highperforming CEOs - those that recognize talent as the most important competitive weapon.

As a successful business owner/entrepreneur, Dusty has direct experience securing exceptional leadership that delivers consistent high-performance business outcomes.

Our Operating Philosophy

A defining principle in our success is to discover the precise leadership formula required for each client’s unique culture and set of business challenges that consistently:

  • Solves our client’s most difficult and complex problems
  • Create successes out of the most challenging turnarounds
  • Transitions lackluster performance into market leadership
  • Lead pre-revenue startups through rapid growth towards successful IPOs
  • Builds new divisions for large global corporations that quickly dominate markets.

Our team of search partners have owned and led their own businesses. They have experienced turnarounds and successful startups. They are experts in search and as leaders, know leadership.

They have leveraged leadership as a primary asset for high-performance results and ROI. Our search experts have first-hand experience with the same challenges and obstacles our clients face everyday.

The Unique Aero Search Partners Client Experience:

Aero Search Partners believes our job is to focus on the needs of our clients; putting their agenda above our own. From first contact with one of our search experts, our primary interests are not the immediate identification of a search assignment, but rather:

  • The discovery of the problems, issues, pain points and the solutions behind the need for new for new leadership talent.
  • The precise definition of extraordinary leadership capabilities required to produce the client’s desired business becomes.
  • The construction of a search execution strategy that will succeed.

Our internal guidelines prohibit us from accepting a search project from a new client prior to conducting the assessment and discovery work necessary.

Everything we do is about giving our clients a clear competitive edge by connecting Talent Asset Management to improved business performance.