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Specialization Areas


Mergers, acquisitions, joint venture/partnerships and take-overs have had a heavy impact on the aviation community. Hybrid-electric and supersonic propulsion are entering the marketplace simultaneously and seeking long-term funding to move down the long certification road ahead. Prototypes are in the air. It's no longer just a game of model derivation and stretch versions; new comers are using a "clean sheet of paper" for their designs. We have provided search support to a wide range of aviation companies such as Honda Aircraft Company, Bridgestone Tire, Greenwich Aerogroup, HAECO Americas, FedEx, Pratt & Whitney, Erickson International, Snow Aviation International and Standard Aero.


Aerospace, defense and government agencies are looking at an ever-changing playing field, fraught with new regulations, M&A activity, corporate consolidation; smaller, agile, well-funded competitors, disruptive technology; and fluctuating targets vying for government funds. Today more than ever the only genuine opportunity to consistently win is by securing better leadership and talent than the competition.

Aero Search Partners has helped a variety of clients in the aviation, aerospace, and defense markets address these and other challenges and provided the best leadership talent solutions to meet their needs. Clients we've supported have included TRW, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Allied Signal, Honeywell, Corning, Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft Company, Rockwell, the US Air Force and the National Security Agency.

Commercial Space

We have experience securing and managing talent assets from critical technical management through CEOs. We supported companies building jet and rocket propulsion systems; gas dynamic lasers; the first space tugs and satellite constellations; the Shuttle; magneto-hydrodynamics, kinetic energy weapons, airborne lasers and C4ISR systems.

We have supported the "Star Wars" and ISS programs, as well as many classified programs for the alphabet agencies. The day of the manufacturer telling the customer what "he really wants" is gone. Satellites are no longer the size of a semi-trailer; rather the size of a pool table chalk or golf ball. Products are expendable, great leadership talent is not.

We have a successful history supporting US Space efforts; some of those companies have made a very smooth transition to Commercial Space. We have also provided critical search solutions for Commercial Space unicorns like Virgin Galactic.

Early Stage/Startups

- We understand that each start-up has a niche they are trying to fill and desire entrepreneurial leaders who understand their needs and feel their urgency. Those leaders will have the financial acuity, technical skills, market knowledge, management skillset and intense focus on driving revenue and profitability needed for today's sophisticated start-up. Along the way we've had the pleasure of assisting companies in their very early stages such as Amgen, Honda Aircraft Company, Safire Aircraft Company, Xontech, IAI's Aviation Technology Group, EndWave, Foxcom, and Zunum Aero.